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Website Malware is Getting Worse

Website malware infections seem to be getting worse. According to Symantec, a large digital security firm, web-based attacks increased 30% in 2013. Our team also noticed that we continue to receive more and more website owners requesting malware removals from their websites than previous years. In fact, we are even getting requests to better protect websites from future malware attacks.

Attacks are becoming more frequent,  more brazen and more sophisticated. According to USA Today, this past week, Yahoo ‘s website was compromised and visitors that clicked on their adds were at risk of having their computers infected by viruses.  Fox IT, an internet security firm, discovered the alleged malware infection and said that over 300,000 users were visiting the infected ad’s every hour and about 9% of users computers were being infected after visiting the site. If a company like Yahoo, which spends millions on internet security can be compromised so can your website.

 There is no 100% full proof way to prevent your website from being  infected with malware, however you can use preventative measures to reduce the likelihood of being compromised. In one of our prior blog post, “What is a Malware Injection?”, we listed several ways to help prevent malware injections. Use these tips to help reduce the potential of your website from being infected. If your website is already infected with malware, you can contact us for assistance.
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