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Mobile Websites are web sites  designed to be viewed via a mobile phone browser. A mobile phone has different dimensions than a normal desktop or lap top computer making it difficult to view a website that is not specifically designed for mobile phone access. A mobile website design should make it easier for potential clients to view and navigate your your website. You can add easy to find directions, links to reviews, contact information, coupons as well as product or service information.


As a Mobile Web Designer,  SEO By Industry, can create and develop an aesthetically pleasing mobile website to help improve your overall web presence. Upon completion of your mobile website, your website visitors will be able to easily access your information via their mobile phone browser.


With mobile phone traffic increasing many believe that usage will over take both desk top and lap top usage within the next decade and potentially much sooner. See what your site looks like on a mobile phone. Use our mobile phone browser to see if your site is smart phone compatible.

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Also, check out some of the benefits and statistics below to see why mobile websites are becoming a necessity for your online presence.


  • Mobile websites allow users that are interested in a service or product to view your information directly from their phone at a time when they are ready to purchase.
  • Although already popular, internet access via mobile phones will continue to increase and become a larger portion of overall web traffic.
  • A unfriendly mobile website phone website can increase the likelihood of a potential client leaving your portal to find information that is more accessible via their smart phone.
  • A well designed mobile web site can provide users easier navigation, a more readily available link for directions, a easy form of communication, and an outlet to provide coupons or discounts.
  • A mobile web design typically costs less than normal website designs.


  • 40% of users have turned to a competitor’s site after a bad mobile experience. (Compuware)
  • 86% of all online searchers use local search to find businesses (Kelsey Group)
  • 59% of local information seekers visit a business after looking up information on it on their cell phones (Google Mobile Insights)
  • 86% of mobile internet users are using their devices while watching tv. (Digital Buzz Blog)
  • 1 in every 3 Google searches from mobiles are local (Google, CITA Wireless 2010)
  • Half of all Bing mobile searches are local (Bing, CITA Wireless 2011)
  • 40% of all Google Maps traffic is from mobile phones (Google, SXSW 2011)