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Pay Per Click ManagementWeb design & development is the process of creating and coding a website for users to access via the Internet. SEO By Industry understands that web design is more than just developing a website. Our team includes several important factors when designing a website such as budget, marketing strategy, conversion rates, client needs, and time frame. As a Miami web design company, SEO By Industry helps clients throughout the U.S. design and develop websites.


We have the ability to design websites for a wide variety of clients from the small business looking for an inexpensive solution to the large corporate entity interested in an unique custom design that can allow you to excel above your competitors. Remember, your website is the first impression that a potential client receives before contacting you. The right website can give you the boost you need to improve your business results.


Displaying Content

It’s important to understand that placement of content has a huge effect on your website’s performance. Typically, people do not read through websites rather they scan the information. That being said, where you place your content has a major effect on how a potential client interacts with your website. If most people have short attention spans and they tend scan websites from left to right moving down in steps. If this is true for the majority of people than most of your pertinent information should be above the fold. Tell your users what you want them to do right away – don’t wait!


You have a site for 1 reason. To generate more business. If this is your primary goal than your site should be focused around increasing conversion or contact rates of your site users. Show your phone number and keep your forms in ideal spots to allow people to contact you easily and readily.

Appeal to the Right Audience

Targeting the correct audience is also one of the important factors we take into consideration when designing a website for a client. Making sure that our images and content appeals to the reader can be a determining factor if the user stays on your site or quickly clicks away. If you show a flowery website to to a user base interested in sports news, you can’t expect them to want to stay on your site. Match the words, images and colors to the market you’re targeting.


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